Integrated-Optical Components for High Power Laser Beam Sources

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Laser beam sources play a key role in modern production processes. The contactless way of operation and the associated suitability for automatization, the high processing speed as well as the achievable quality of the processing results are just a few advantages, which can be gained by integration of laser beam sources and laser systems into the production sequence. Therefore, innovative laser techniques have a strong leverage and contribute essentially to the continuation of the competitiveness of German enterprises.

The application potential of laser technology is not at all exhausted yet. Even well introduced applications as e.g. laser welding are not yet completely developed. To push the parket penetration the requirements of the users for compact laser beam sources with reduced service and little demands for adustment must be fulfilled for flexible operation in an industrial environment. An important precondition for this is the implementation of discrete optical components by integrated solutions. By this also important momentum can be given into the direction of a simplified and automated mounting of high power laser beam sources.

Diode lasers are not only used as high power beam sources for materials processing , but also extensively for optical telecommunication. Naturally demands for this are weight differently. In this sense it will be of considerable importance for future optical networks to use increasingly the spectral properties of light for the extension of the transmission capacity. To realize this with cost efficient components, the research about suitable semiconductor lasers is also supported.

Against this background the German Federal Minisitry of Research and Technology (BMBF) has worked out in frame of the funding initiative “Optical Technologies” together with science and industry the described funding initiative about integrated optical components for high power laser beam sources.

By the funding initiative “Integrated Optical Components for High Power Laser Beam Sources” the BMBF is supporting enterprises at their research and development efforts for novel laser beam sources with a high potential for application and market penetration. This funding is part of the high-tech strategy of the Federal Government. It is aiming at innovation and growth in Germany, therefore an essential criterion is the exploitation of the results in Germany.


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